VOLA VSH1004 2.2 Liter Air Fryer @Rs.4999

VOLA VSH1004 2.2 Liter Air Fryer @Rs.4999 from Amazon.

Key Feature:-

  • The newly introduced fat free frying will help you to cook the food and refreshment you like in a healthier manner. The fat free frying uses the principal of hot combining with high speed air cycling (fast air change), it will provide a onetime compressive heating, so for most food, there is no need to add oil for cooking. With additional roasting plate, now you have a more convenient way to make delicious food like cakes and milk egg biscuits etc.
  • 1. ON/OFF Trun on/off the machine Note : there are 2 steps to turn off the machine, after you press the button, firstly, it stops heating. Secondly, it will take 10s for fan stopping, then the machine stops working totally.
  • 2. MODE To choose a setting according to different food. There are 6 modes to choose (from left to right): 1. Steak : 180°C, 15 min 2. Chips : 200°C, 15min 3. Meat : 180°C, 25 min 4. Pre-heat: 80°C, 5 min 5. Fish: 160°C, 12 min 6. Sharimp: 160°C, 12 min
  • 3. SET If you press one time it will set temperature If you press two timed it will set time 4. Increase the value of temperature or time – : Decrease the value of temperature or time • Fan light • The fan light will be bright when the machine is working
  • 5.• Heating • It will be shining when the machine is working • Unit of temperature • Unit of time 6. When the time return to zero the machine will beep for 5 times and button “ON/OFF” will shining, that means the process is finish



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