Micromax 50C7550FHD 50 inch Full HD LED TV @Rs.36999 + Rs.7000 cashback

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Micromax 50C7550FHD 50 inch Full HD LED TV @Rs.36999 + Rs.7000 cashback from Paytm.

Key Features:-

  • Filter processes the incoming image, ensuring color-accurate and devoid of noisy artefacts
  • Comb filters separate luminance and chrominance information. It reference the level of brightness intensity and colors, to reduce TV problem of "dot crawl", small dots that cluster along the edges of objects during fast motion. Other noise manifests itself as moire patterns, when objects on the screen move from a still position
  • The 3D comb filter examines the incoming signal at a rate of three horizontal scan lines per pass. This process dramatically reduces the appearance of hanging dots and moire. Color bleeding with a 3D comb filter is eliminated, ensuring clean transitions between intense colors and improves vertical resolution during still or slow-moving frames
  • Switching between 3D and 2D happens seamlessly, allowing both still images and fast-moving ones to appear as clean and artifact-free as the incoming signal allows



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