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The intex smartband is made of a very comfortable material with a rubber-like finish. In the time that we spent wearing the device, it didn't irritate our skin at all.

intex smartband:

We tested the FitRist with an iPhone and felt that the app needs improvement. Its design is rather crude and clunky - a far cry from the slick Mi Band app. Pairing was a big headache. Even though the process appears simple, we found that the app sometimes wouldn't detect the band at all and even when it did, it wouldn't always pair with it. We managed to pair the device after multiple attempts but when the band did get disconnected, pairing it again gave us similar issues.

The app has some other oddities, such as having your activity history and sleep tracking data hidden under a strangely named "Record" feature in a menu.

We're willing to excuse a sub-par app if the band itself does a good job. We used an iPhone 5s to compare activity data against the Intex FitRist and results weren't good. On an average the iPhone 5s's built-in motion sensor recorded around 25 percent more steps than the FitRist. We checked this data on multiple days and the FitRist consistently under-reported our activity. A small difference between the two devices' data is acceptable, but an activity tracker ceases to be useful if it is off the mark by such a huge margin.

The FitRist also lets you control music playback and trigger your phone camera's shutter button using its own button, but the process is too clumsy to be useful. You need to press the button till you reach the relevant control and then hold it until a song starts playing on your phone or until the photo is captured. Doing the same things via your phone is a lot faster. The FitRist does have pretty good battery life - we had to charge it just once a week.

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