Fotonica 5 in 1 Selfiegraphy Kit @Rs.454

Fotonica 5 in 1 Selfiegraphy Kit @Rs.454 from Snapdeal.

Key Features:-

  • Selfie Color- Pink
  • Plug & Play Aux cable with with iOS & Andriod 4.3+, for other versions download camera 360 ultimate app from Playstore
  • Length: 15 cm to 70 cm
  • Non-Slip Foam Grip on Selfie Stick
  • Flash: Black, 16 LED Flash light for Front Camera, Chargeable with USB Connector
  • Mobile Lens: Black
  • For Wideangle View for Mobile Lens, Screw both Macro and Wideangle Lenses and mount on clip
  • For Macro View for Mobile Lens, unscrew the Wide-angle and just mount Macro Lens on the clip



How to get:-

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