Wow Professional Anti Wrinkle Serum, 50ml (Pack of 3) @Rs.899

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Wow Professional Anti Wrinkle Serum

Wow Professional Anti Wrinkle Serum, 50ml (Pack of 3) @Rs.899 from Amazon.

Key Feature:-

  • Soothe and calm your skin^People who are outside a lot, or live in metro or suburban areas where pollution levels are higher, can really benefit from alina products because of our patented inflacin^Daily use will provide protection against the constant bombardment of irritation to your skin
  • Amazing feel^Upon initial application, you will notice the difference right away with wow anti wrinkle serum^A soft, silky feel that penetrates quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft and alive
  • Our proprietary blend of whey Protein and tamarind extracts is loaded with antioxidants to counter free radicals and reduce oxidative stress to your skin
  • Some forms of vitamin C require higher concentration levels in order to be effective because they are inherently less stable and do not penetrate the skin as well as other forms^Alina vitamin C serum uses a premium vitamin c ester which has been clinically proven to be gentler on the skin while delivering superior results over traditional ascorbic acid and phosphate based vitamin C



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